Course locations

You can choose for an on-site training so that you and your colleagues can be trained together, or attend a training course arranged at a Noldus office - meet other researchers and benefit from attractive rates. Or receive an affordable training package via a remote connection. See for yourself which type of training course suits you best.

On-site training course

An on-site training course, taught by one of our knowledgable trainers at your location, will help you get started quickly with your newly acquired research tool. Noldus specializes in on-site training courses for specific applications or products. These courses are ideal for new users or users who like to refresh their skills and even as advanced training for experienced users. The contents of the complete training course can be adapted to meet your specific requirements in conjunction with our trainer.

"Our training was customized to our needs...We are very pleased with how our training dealt with our unique circumstances"  [Dr. Paul Rapnicki, University of Minnesota, St. Paul, USA]

The standard duration of a training session is one day. Extended courses can be arranged at your request. Decide which training course is right for you.

Remote training course

Not able to attend one of our in-house trainings, or don’t have the time to participate in a one-day training course? We offer the majority of our product and application courses remotely. This low-cost flexible solution is tailored around your needs. Based on a one-on-one training situation, we have developed remote training courses to be the best possible solution using the latest in internet technology. Besides, it is the ‘green choice’. Remote training courses are available in a wide range of languages. Learn more about:

  • Project design and creating a configuration for your project.
  • Data selection and results analysis.
  • Project and video management.
  • Data file integration and export to other programs.

Typically, the remote session starts with 2 hours of theory. After this session, you can do some exercises offline. When you have finished the exercises, you can send them by email to your trainer. It is that easy! The trainer then studies your backup files and provides you with personal feedback, before the final session. In the final session you go over the exercises and additional points can be discussed. No matter what kind of research, our skilled staff can assist you in getting the most out of your Noldus’ tools and solutions.

To be sure this remote training course runs smoothly, it is important you have access to:

  • A computer with the Noldus product installed and a hardware key (dongle)
  • A good internet connection
  • A webcam is desired but not essential

Relevant video material may be necessary, depending on the subject of the experiment.