Training courses - Designed to meet your needs

Together with you, we can develop a training course and presentation materials that are effective and uniquely designed to meet your needs. We can adjust the content according to your specific requests. For example, we can create training courses focusing on applications, techniques, or methodology. We can assist you in designing the optimal set-up for your specific work. Here are some examples of the training courses we offer:

  • Usability testing
  • How to measure consumer behavior
  • Neuromarketing: Assess. Understand. Influence.
  • Automating facial coding
  • How to study parent-child interaction using The Observer XT
  • Psychophysiology and The Observer XT


Product training courses

We offer product training courses in which the main concepts and functionality of our products are addressed. Whether you just purchased one of these products, are an experienced user wanting to refresh your skills, or just upgraded to the latest release of the software, our training courses will give you a greater return on your investment and help you get the most out of your Noldus system. When new colleagues or students join your department partway through a research project, they can also easily enroll in a training course and start working quickly and efficiently. During these courses, you can gain knowledge of the main functions of software packages, such as The Observer XT, TrackLab, FaceReader, and EthoVision. Our experienced trainers also make sure that you get sufficient practical experience with your system so that you will be able to work with the system independently after the training course.


Overview 1-day course

A product training course usually consists of two parts: general background and theory in the morning and a hands-on session in the afternoon. One of our experienced trainers will assist you at every stage of the training process, from the set-up of your experiment to the integration of different data sources. There will be plenty of opportunity for questions during the entire session, and you are more than welcome to bring your own video material to work on. After a short introduction by all participants on how they will use the system, our trainer will first explain the main concepts of the product. After that, in the theoretical part, we will explain how to set up a project or experiment, how to acquire data, and how to select, visualize, and analyze data. Finally, we will show how to create analysis results in different formats. The afternoon session includes extensive practical, hands-on exercises during which we use realistic examples coming from your own research area. If you have special requirements regarding the contents of the training, you can contact us at your convenience.


Advanced courses

For experienced users, we have developed a series of advanced training courses. Some examples of what you can ask from our experienced trainers:

  • Advanced analysis and reporting functions of The Observer XT
  • Creation of custom configurations for The Observer XT
  • How to integrate and analyze eye tracking, facial expression data, and behavior
  • How to export my data from The Observer XT for use in another software package
  • Reliability analysis: how to use it, what does Cohen’s Kappa mean, assumptions of the method
  • Lag-sequential analysis: how to use it, advanced features

These training courses are always customized to your individual needs. Mostly, they are a mixture of theory, demonstrations, and hands-on exercises.