The Observer XT will not install and the resulting Log file says Access Denied 0x80070005

This issue involves a situation where the installation of The Observer XT on your computer fails and the resulting log file says “Error 0x80070005”.

Log file says “Error 0x80070005”

After installation fails, you may see this error in the log file:


Possible causes when getting this error:

  • Your account does not have the required administrative rights to install software. Check that you do have administrative rights, or log into the computer using an account which does. Depending on how your systems are configured, you might require the assistance of your local IT department for installing software.
  • Windows is in the process of installing updates. Complete any system updates and try again. Reboot PC after Windows updates complete.
  • Malware or a virus has modified system files. Run a scan of the system.
  • There is an issue installing Microsoft.NET. Try to download and manually install it separately. Then try installing the Noldus software again.