Understanding Axis camera LEDs

Understanding camera LEDs

When troubleshooting an Axis network camera, the camera LEDs can be a very useful source of information. Different models have different LED setups, but here we’ll use the AXIS P1365 as an example. This model has three LEDs: one for status, one for power and one for network. Each LED can show different colors. 

The status LED

A steady green light means normal operation.

A steady amber light is shown during startup, during a reset to factory defaults or when restoring settings.

A slowly flashing red light indicates a failed firmware upgrade.

The power LED

  • A steady green light means normal operation
  • The light flashes green/amber during a firmware upgrade.

The network LED

  • Steady green when connected at 100Mb/s. Flashes on network activity.
  • Steady amber when connected at 10Mb/s. Flashes on network activity.
  • Unlit when there is no network connection.