How to rename your subjects in TrackLab

Subject names can be changed either manually, one by one or by importing new subjects from a file.

How to manually rename your subjects
Click on a particular subject name in the "subject name" column to enter manually new subject names. 

Alternatively, select a known subject name from a drop-down list within a subject name cell. This drop-down menu contains all known subjects names used within TrackLab (all subjects used in any session and site). 

If a new subject name is already used for another tag in the opened session the subject cell is outlined in red and the new name is not accepted. 

Note: that all manual rename actions only affect the selected session. 

Import subject names
The import subject names button, located on the right side of the screen, opens a dialogue that allows you to select a file. This file needs to contain the recorded tag MAC addresses assigned to a new subject name. When uploading the file it only applies to the selected session unless the checkbox "to all session" is ticked. If this is the case, the rename actions apply to all existing sessions within the project/experiment. 

The name extension of the text file is not restricted although it must contain text. The first line of the file will be ignored as this is seen as header information. All subsequent lines must contain a tag MAC-Id and the subject name to assign to it, separated by a semicolon. 

An incorrect format for the mapping file will result in an "incorrect Mapping File" error. 

See subject renaming failures for more details about the errors. 

Note: Renaming of subjects takes some performance time of the TrackLab software. Especially when larger name files or several sessions are selected. TrackLab does not show any progress indication. You can see when the progress finishes as soon as the new names appear in the Subject-Level variable list. In the meantime, it is not possible to make any adjustments until the progress has finished.