EthoVision XT is unable to detect the Noldus I/O Box

EthoVision will report that the USB I/O Box is not connected if the connection is lost or if it is not present when you attempt to start the experiment or test connections. Check the items below to troubleshoot that situation.

Connect the I/O Box before starting EthoVision

EthoVision will only detect the box if it is connected when EthoVision starts. If you plugged in the I/O Box after starting EthoVision, close EthoVision and then re-open it.

Check connections and power supply

Other than the connected Noldus or 3rd party hardware (via TTL or SDI ports), there are two main cables. These connections are the same whether you are using the USB IO Box or Mini USB IO Box.

  • The USB cable that connects the IO box to the computer. If this cable is connected, the USB light on the IO box should be on. 
  • You should also have a power cable connected, and the power LED light should be on. Without power, the box may sometimes receive enough power over USB to communicate with the computer, but not enough to control any devices.


Is the I/O box detected by the computer?

If the box is plugged in (both cables) but it is not detected by EthoVision, check that it is detected by the computer. Go to the start menu and click the gear icon for Settings, then pick Devices. You should see the "Bluetooth & other devices" page listing devices connected to the computer. Under "Other Devices", look for the device “I/OWarrior56”.

If this device is not listed, either the driver for the box is not installed or the box is malfunctioning.

Is the correct I/O box selected for in your Experiment Settings?

You may receive an error stating that the I/O box is not detected if you selected the wrong interface when the experiment was created (e.g., the Mini-USB I/O Box was selected instead of the standard USB I/O box). In this case, EthoVision will look for the wrong box and not find it.

The USB-IO Box is labeled USB-IO Box; it has 13 RJ45 ports on the side labeled SDI Control and 12 RJ45 ports on the side labeled TTL Control

The Mini USB-IO Box is labeled "mini USB-IO box". It has four RJ45 ports labled TTL Control and one RJ45 port labeled SDI Control.

If you've assigned devices to the wrong interface, select that same interface and remove the device assignments, then add them for the correct interface (or create a new experiment).