Checking your license number

To determine the full version number of your software, go on the menu to Help > About.

To determine the license number or name of the registered user, from the About window click the User Info or License Info button (depending on which software and version is used).

Noldus license numbers associated with hardware license keys (dongles) begin with two letters indicating the software (e.g. EV for EthoVision), followed by the version number (e.g. EV150 is for EthoVision XT 15.0), and then a unique identifying five digit number. Additional letters may indicate add-on modules. Software-based license numbers are randomized and do not provide any information; contact Noldus support if more information is needed about your license.

In FaceReader, the license number and name of the registered user are displayed in the About window without clicking User Info or License Info.