Accessing EthoVision XT remotely

Remote access software can be used to control a computer (e.g. where EthoVision is running) from another computer located elsewhere. The hardware license key (if needed, see below) should be plugged into the EthoVision computer, not the remote computer.

Microsoft Remote Desktop will not work for this purpose if you are using a hardware license key (aka dongle), although it is fine if you have a software-based license (using an activation code rather than a hardware license key). While using Remote Desktop, your hardware key will not be detected. Other remote access software will work. (Note: this applies to all Noldus products with hardware license keys, not just EthoVision.) More details are provided about using TeamViewer and TightVNC at the end of this document.

When is this needed?

Use remote access to a computer in your lab when you need to use hardware in your lab (e.g. cameras, arenas), when you need a hardware key but cannot take it from the lab (e.g. to allow multiple people in different locations to use it), or when it is unfeasible to take the files (e.g. because of their size).

A license is required for:

  • Creating a new experiment using functionality from any optional module (e.g. multiple arenas, nose and tail tracking, behavior recognition)
  • Acquiring a new track from camera
  • Acquiring a track (new or redoing a track) from a video file

A hardware license key is not required for analysis of existing tracks. You can simply install EthoVision on an additional computer for this purpose.

If you are using EthoVision XT 17 or newer, you have the option of a software-based license instead of a hardware license key. This avoids the issue with Remote Desktop. Contact Noldus support if you are interested in switching from a hardware license key to a software-based license.


TeamViewer is easy to use and free for non-commercial purposes.

  • Download TeamViewer from their site at
  • When installing on the EthoVision computer, make sure to select Unattended Access.
  • Open TeamViewer on the EthoVision computer.
  • On the General tab under Unattended Access, select Start TeamViewer.
  • Write down the Partner ID and Password (or take a photo of the screen).
  • Leave this computer running so you can connect to it.
  • Install TeamViewer on your remote computer.
  • Under “Control Remote Computer”, enter the ID from above, then enter the password when prompted.


TightVNC may require that you connect to the network using a VPN.

  • Download the installer from, and run it on the pc with EthoVision.
  • Use the full install to install both the viewer and the server. Use the default install, but set the passwords for security to ensure others cannot access your computer.
  • Restart the computer and leave it running in order to be able to connect to it.
  • Install the viewer on the PC you want to work.
  • Make the connection to the local network where the computer is running.
  • Run the viewer and type the name or the IP address of the PC you want to connect too.
  • Type in the password