No Valid Hardware Key Detected After Installing Noldus Software

Most Noldus software requires a license to operate (e.g., The Observer) or to make all functionality available (e.g., acquisition in EthoVision). A hardware license key (or "dongle") is a USB device that contains the license information. Although it resembles a USB drive, it does not store any files, only the license information.

Starting with The Observer XT 16, EthoVision XT 17, Media Recorder 6, and FaceReader 9, your license may be a software-based license with an activation code. In this case, you do not have or need a hardware license key; use the activation code options instead.

If you are using a hardware license key and it is not detected, see below.

Multiple Noldus Software Licenses

If you have access to different Noldus Software licenses (ex: FaceReader, Observer XT, and MediaRecorder), please verify that you have the correct license key plugged in that corresponds to the software you want to access. Each license is specific to only one software package and cannot be used interchangeably. For example, you will have separate license keys for Media Recorder and The Observer, these do not use the same key. You can plug all of these keys into the computer at once.

License Key Driver 

Seeing a message "No hardware key detected" after installing Noldus software and plugging in the key indicates there was a problem during the installation of the drivers for the license key. It could arise for a variety of reasons, but typically, reinstalling the drivers solves the issue. If the drivers are not functioning, you may also see that the key blinks red when plugged in, but then turns off shortly thereafter. When properly detected, the red light should remain lit.

Upgrading the drivers may also be necessary if you are using older versions of our software with Windows 10 or 11. Changes in Windows invalidated the drivers installed with older software.

This driver will normally work to resolve both of the issues above: HASP 8.13 Run or double-click the downloaded file to install the driver.

If the key is still not detected after installing the driver, please contact Noldus Technical Support.