What are the supported cameras for MediaRecorder 5.0?

Analog Cameras

MediaRecorder works with the output of any analog camera used with the Euresys Picolo H.264 or Euresys Picolo Alert video capture card. We specifically tested MediaRecorder with output of the following cameras:

  • The camera from the PhenoTyper Top Unit (EIA).
  • The camera from the PhenoTyper Top Unit (CCIR).

Maximum supported number of cameras

  • Euresys Picolo Alert PCIe card - Four cameras or PhenoTyper Top Units.
  • Euresys Picolo U4 H.264 card – Three cameras or PhenoTyper Top Units.
  • Euresys Picolo U8 H.264 card. – Six cameras or PhenoTyper Top Units.

IP Cameras

To use MediaRecorder with IP cameras, the following network requirements apply:

  • An Intel Pro/1000 CT or Intel Pro/1000 PT (1 Gb) network adapter is installed in the computer with MediaRecorder.
  • The cables are suitable for Gigabit Ethernet. The minimum cable quality is CAT5e.
  • We recommend using a dedicated network for the cameras, rather than connecting them to a general use network.

Supported IP cameras

  • Axis P5512
  • Axis P5514
  • Axis P5515
  • Axis P5534
  • Axis M1054
  • Axis M1065
  • Hikvision IP DS-2PT7D20IW-DE

USB Cameras

  • Microsoft LifeCam Studio
  • Basler acA1920-155um
  • Logitech BRIO

The DanioVision FireWire system

The ImagingSource DMK 21AF04 camera that is present in the DanioVision FireWire system (currently discontinued).

GigE Vision cameras

  • Basler GigE cameras AC1300-60gm

Screen capture devices

Epiphan screen capture devices

The Epiphan screen capture devices are hardware devices with which you connect the monitor of the test computer to the computer with MediaRecorder. MediaRecorder supports:

  • Epiphan DVI2USB 3.0 – A USB 3 device.
  • Epiphan DVI2PCIe – A frame grabber board that is inserted in a PCI express slot in the recording computer.
  • Epiphan VGADVI broadcaster. A screen capture device that streams over Ethernet.

MediaRecorder screen capture device

A software screen capture virtual device that is present if your MediaRecorder license includes the Screen Capture Module.