How many GigE cameras can I use on a laptop with EthoVision XT?

It's generally recommended to use GigE cameras on a desktop computer with the camera connected to a dedicated Intel gigabit network adapter. This leaves the built-in network adapter available for connecting to your local network and/or the internet. It is possible to use a laptop with a suitable built-in gigabit network adapter with a GigE camera, but the settings will not be suitable for connecting the laptop to a network. You will need to use wifi or a USB network adapter if a network connection is needed.

EthoVision XT 12, 13, and 14 were tested and supported on a workstation-class laptop with one Basler GigE camera for recordings up to 10 hours in duration. This scenario was not tested and is not officially supported in EthoVision XT 15 and 16. We do support use of the USB 3.0 Basler acA1920-155um camera on a suitable laptop.

On a suitable desktop computer equipped with a four-port network adapter, it's possible to record from up to four GigE cameras simultaneously.