Playback control buttons are grayed out in The Observer XT

If the video opens but the playback control buttons are greyed out and won't let you play, pause, etc. the video, deleting the customization files may resolve the issue. This will also resolve issues with hidden or missing toolbars, windows, and panels.

Close the project and The Observer software, go to the location where the problematic project is located (by default, it is C:\Users\Public\Documents\Noldus\The Observer XT\Projects), find and open the problematic project's folder, and delete the .pos and .pob files in it.


Note that if the extensions (.pos, .pob, vop) are not displayed, in Windows 10 click View on the ribbon and check the checkbox for Show Extensions to see them. This ensures you do not delete the wrong file. Do not delete the .vop file!

After that, close the project’s folder, re-open The Observer XT software/your project, and the issue should be resolved.