Making screen captures in Windows

Windows provides multiple means to capture images from the screen, either using the Printscreen key or the snipping tool or snip & sketch. Some Noldus software also provides options to save images of your settings or of graphs.

Printscreen key (any Windows version)

You can copy the contents of the screen to the clipboard by using the Printscreen key, located in the upper right (and typically labeled “PrtScr”). Press the Printscreen key to copy the contents of the screen to the clipboard. Hold down the Alt key when pressing the Printscreen key to copy just the contents of the selected window.

Once the image is in the clipboard, you can paste it into other applications, e.g. into Word or PowerPoint. Large images pasted directly into emails may be automatically scaled down, so that is not always effective. You can also use Windows’ Paint. Just go to the start menu and type Paint, select it, and the press ctrl-v to paste the image, then save it.

The Snipping Tool (Windows 7, 8, 10)

Starting in Windows 7, Windows includes the snipping tool which allows you to capture any section of the screen, annotate it, and save it as an image. Go to the start menu and type “snip” and you’ll see the snipping tool listed. In Windows 10, you’ll also see Snip & Sketch which later replaceed the snipping tool. Click the snipping tool, then click the New button. It will prompt you to click and drag the area you want to snip. The selected area will then appear in the snipping tool where you can add annotations or save it.

Snip & Sketch (Windows 10)

You can open Snip & Sketch from the start menu (just open the start menu and type "snip" and you'll see it listed), in which case click New to select the area to snip. But you can also skip that step by holding down the Windows logo key and the shift key and pressing the S key (Windows logo key + Shift + S). A tiny menu will appear at the top of the screen to let you choose the shape of the area, but if you ignore it and just click and drag, you will select a rectangular area. After selecting the area, a popup notification will appear in the bottom right corner of the screen. You can now either paste the snip into any document, or click the popup to open the Snip & Sketch tool where you can add annotations or click the disk icon to save it as an image.

Noldus software

In most software which displays graphs of analysis results, right-click the graph to save the image or copy it to the clipboard. See the documentation for your software for more details.

In EthoVision, in the Arena Settings, Trial Control Settings, and Data Profile, look for the camera icon at the top. Click it to save an image of those settings. 

This also applies to The Observer in the Data Profile and Visualization.