Basler camera is not detected by EthoVision

The following troubleshooting steps cover the various causes for a "camera not found" message as shown:

Solution 1: Check the connections on the PC and camera

Please see Connecting a Basler camera.

Solution 2: Ensure that the correct Pylon driver is installed

After checking your cabling and verifying all looks correct, then the next step would be to make sure that the correct Pylon driver is installed for your version of EthoVision XT.

To check, please go to the Start menu and type in “Add or remove programs” and then click “Programs and Features” to get your list of installed programs. (In Windows 10, you can also get here from the Start menu, then click the Settings gear, then click Apps.)

In that list, you should see a program named something similar to “Pylon X Camera Software Suite X.X.X.XXXXX”.  

Please note:

a) the correct version depends on the version of EthoVision XT you are using, and

b) the version needs to be what is in the list (i.e., a “newer” version will not necessarily work).

EthoVision XT version

Pylon Software Suite version

(and see below)





If you do not have the correct version installed, please un-install any other version (if relevant) by clicking on it and selecting “Uninstall” at the top, download/install the correct version using the links above, then restart your PC.

For Pylon 6.x and above:

  • Run or double click the downloaded file.
  • Accept the terms and conditions, then click Next.
  • Under Profiles, select Custom and click Next.
  • Under Features, choose GigE Camera Support (for GigE cameras which connect using an ethernet cable) or USB Camera Support (for Basler USB cameras), and...
  • Make sure to also select Pylon Viewer and DirectShow Support. The camera will not work in EthoVision if you do not select DirectShow during the installation. If you missed this step, uninstall Pylon and reinstall making that selection.
  • Complete the installation.

Solution 3: Check the IP address settings on the camera(s) and network port(s)

Please see Check network settings for a Basler camera.

Solution 4: Turn off your PCs Firewall.

If none of the steps above resolve the issue, then the last thing to try is to turn off your PC's Firewall.

a) Go to the Start menu and type “Control Panel

b) Click on System and Security and then Windows Defender Firewall

c) Click on Turn Windows Defender Firewall on or off on the left side of the screen and turn off all three options, then click OK.