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Knowledge Base articles - CatWalk XT

CatWalk XT 10.0, 10.5, or 10.6 does not open

Restart the camera and wait 1-2 minutes before restarting CatWalk. Check user permissions on the computer. Invalid settings may also prevent starting CatWalk. A log file provides diagnostic information.

Camera is not detected in CatWalk XT 10.6

The camera may not be detected if the camera has no power, the camera is still establishing a connection to the PC, the camera is connected to the wrong port, or the configuration is not correct.

Setting up the CatWalk XT 10 walkway: calibration and detection settings

Setting up the walkway for use is a three step process: defining the walkway, calibrating, and detection settings. These steps are not difficult but can make a big difference for the quality of data and how much work you will need to do.

CatWalk XT classified footprints are grayed out

Footprints that were previously classified/labeled show up in Classification, but some/all are grayed out in Run Visualizations and Run Statistics.

There are no rectangles around the paw prints in CatWalk XT

Too much of the animal is being detected, preventing CatWalk from focusing on the actual prints, or display of the rectangles has been turned off.

Paw prints look incomplete in the Interactive Footprint Measurements screen in CatWalk XT

When the footprint is shown in the Interactive Footprint Measurements screen, it is enlarged by means of smoothing and anti-aliasing algorithms. Pixels that are outside the border of the footprint rectangle, which contain

Paw prints are not recognized by the Automatic Footprint Classification Module in CatWalk XT

This may happen when a paw print has consistently a low Intensity, below the minimum set in the Classification Settings (which is 100 by default).

My CatWalk XT experiment will not open as it reports that it was made with a previous (or newer) version of the software, but the same version was used.

This issue involves the inability to open a CatWalk XT experiment as you receive a warning message that it was made with a previous (or newer) version of the software, but the same version was previously used.

Running out of free memory during acquisition in CatWalk XT

CatWalk will cancel acquisition if there is not enough free memory available to record the data. Proper procedures will help, but in some cases it may be necessary to add memory to the PC.

Making screen captures in Windows

Windows provides multiple means to capture images from the screen, either using the Printscreen key or the snipping tool or snip & sketch. Some Noldus software also provides options to save images of your settings or of graphs.