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Knowledge Base articles - TrackLab

Subject renaming in TrackLab

With version 2.12 it is possible to rename your subject in TrackLab. This article explains how to start with subject renaming

How to rename your subjects in TrackLab

This article explains how to manually rename your subjects or import subject lists.

Re-use of subject names in TrackLab

Short explanation of the option to re-use the same subject names in TrackLab

What are the filter settings in Trackab?

TrackLab contains three filter settings sampling rate, smoothing window size and Minimal distance moved filter.

How do power outages affect TrackLab operation?

TrackLab needs a stable power connection to ensure consistent operation.

Making screen captures in Windows

Windows provides multiple means to capture images from the screen, either using the Printscreen key or the snipping tool or snip & sketch. Some Noldus software also provides options to save images of your settings or of graphs.

Understanding Axis camera LEDs

Summary of all the status LED's on your axis camera.

Checking your license number

License numbers for Noldus software may be checked by going on the menu to Help/About.

An overview of which software version is supported by which operating system

In this sheet, you can see which version of the software is supported and tested under which Operating System

No Valid Hardware Key Detected After Installing Noldus Software

If you receive an error stating that there was “No Valid Hardware Key Detected”, please check the USB license key/dongle to ensure it is seated properly (unplug and reinsert). Close the Noldus program and try again.