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Knowledge Base articles - ErasmusLadder

Troubleshooting air continuing to blow after mouse crosses ladder

After the mouse has crossed the ErasmusLadder and moved into the chamber at the end, air should stop blowing on the walkway and the lights should turn off. If air continues to blow and the lights stay on, that indicates a rung is sticking.

Custom ErasmusLadder Experiment Protocol does not perform as programmed

Despite customizing the Experiment Protocol in the ErasmusLadder software, review of the data shows that the trials did not progress as designed. This is due do the ErasmusLadder not being able to compute and predict the trial perturbations.

Making screen captures in Windows

Windows provides multiple means to capture images from the screen, either using the Printscreen key or the snipping tool or snip & sketch. Some Noldus software also provides options to save images of your settings or of graphs.

Understanding Axis camera LEDs

Summary of all the status LED's on your axis camera.

Checking your license number

License numbers for Noldus software may be checked by going on the menu to Help/About.

An overview of which software version is supported by which operating system

In this sheet, you can see which version of the software is supported and tested under which Operating System

No Valid Hardware Key Detected After Installing Noldus Software

If you receive an error stating that there was “No Valid Hardware Key Detected”, please check the USB license key/dongle to ensure it is seated properly (unplug and reinsert). Close the Noldus program and try again.

Some elements of the software appear too small or cropped when using Windows 10

When using high DPI displays in Windows 10, some elements in our software may appear too small or may appear cropped so they cannot be seen clearly. This can be corrected by adjusting the properties of the application.

How do software-based and hardware-based licenses compare?

The Observer XT 16, EthoVision XT 17, and FaceReader 9 offer new software-based licenses which replace the hardware license key (dongle) required in previous versions.

Connecting a Basler camera

Basler cameras are the most common camera used with EthoVision, and may also be used with Media Recorder.