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Paw prints look incomplete in the Interactive Footprint Measurements screen in CatWalk XT

When the footprint is shown in the Interactive Footprint Measurements screen, it is enlarged by means of smoothing and anti-aliasing algorithms. Pixels that are outside the border of the footprint rectangle, which contain

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Paw prints are not recognized by the Automatic Footprint Classification Module in CatWalk XT

This may happen when a paw print has consistently a low Intensity, below the minimum set in the Classification Settings (which is 100 by default).

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Error Messages on the DanioVision Temperature Control Unit

Error lights and code on the Temperature Control Unit can be used to identify the issue.

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I made a backup file but I cannot see the VPB file extension on the end in File Explorer.

In File Explorer, select the View menu, then check the box for ‘File name extensions

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EthoVision XT trial duration does not correspond with system time (Id 12015)

This error message indicates that EthoVision sees that the video has been streaming in at a slower rate than expected, normally due to camera or PC settings.

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EthoVision XT error ID 14005 Chart creation failed

This error occurs when you go the Statistics & Charts section of EthoVision XT and you get warning message "Chart creation failed (Id 14005)"

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EthoVision XT Resizer error (ID 8359)

If, when you try to grab a background image in the Arena Settings, you receive a warning message "Resizer error (Id 8359)", please reinstall the Resizer component.

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Randomizing Events using EthoVision XT Trial Control

EthoVision’s trial control settings allow you to plan out sequences of events during a trial, with specified delays and durations. But sometimes it’s better to vary the delays or sequences unpredictably.

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Configuring the Epiphan Broadcaster in FaceReader

You can use the Epiphan Broadcaster, which provides screen capture, as a video source in FaceReader. This may be a good option for analyzing video conferencing and other purposes.

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Can I share my project with another user that has a different version of The Observer XT?

This issue involves a situation where you would like to share your the Observer XT project with a colleague that is using a different version of The Observer XT than you.

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