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Accessing EthoVision XT remotely

EthoVision can be used with any remote access software other than Microsoft Remote Desktop. If Remote Desktop is used, the hardware license key will not be detected.

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Toolbars in EthoVision have disappeared

Toolbar(s) at the top center of a number of locations in the EthoVision software are missing/have disappeared.

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Can I add or alter zones in my Arena Settings after data acquisition in EthoVision XT?

Zone(s) can be added/modified in a given Arena Settings and you do not need to re-track those trials to get data for those new Zone(s). Exceptions are for Hidden Zone(s) and/or Zone(s) that were used as conditions in your Trial Control Settings.

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Some elements of the software appear too small or cropped when using Windows 10

When using high DPI displays in Windows 10, some elements in our software may appear too small or may appear cropped so they cannot be seen clearly. This can be corrected by adjusting the properties of the application.

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Why can't I start acquisition in EthoVision XT?

Acquisition cannot be started if the hardware license key is not plugged in or not detected, there are no planned trials in the trial list, or if the settings are incomplete.

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How do software-based and hardware-based licenses compare?

The Observer XT 16, EthoVision XT 17, and FaceReader 9 offer new software-based licenses which replace the hardware license key (dongle) required in previous versions.

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What's new in EthoVision XT 17?

EthoVision XT 17 updates drivers, adds new options for licensing and trial control, gives new display options in the visualizations, and more.

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Connecting a Basler camera

Basler cameras are the most common camera used with EthoVision, and may also be used with Media Recorder.

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Windows 10 power settings for EthoVision XT

Disabling sleep/standby and fast startup will prevent issues and improve performance.

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Reinstalling the Picolo Alert drivers for EthoVision

The Picolo Alert is the framegrabber most commonly used for analog cameras in EthoVision XT 15. Reinstall the drivers if it has ceased to work after a Windows update.

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