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How many GigE cameras can I use on a laptop with EthoVision XT?

EthoVision XT 12, 13, and 14 support one Basler GigE camera for recordings up to 10 hours duration on a suitable laptop. For EthoVision XT 15, we support a Basler USB 3.0 camera instead.

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EthoVision XT: Animal is not tracked in Hidden Zone

This issue is demonstrated when an animal enters a Hidden Zone, but the red dot is not in the Hidden Zone and the software indicates that the animal is not found (i.e., “Subject not found” indicator at the bottom of the screen in Acquisition increases).

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What are the supported video file formats for EthoVision XT?

This issue involves needing to find out if your pre-recorded video files are compatible with your version of EthoVision XT and can be run in the software.

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Error E01 on the DanioVision Temperature Control Unit

Error E01 indicates the temperature sensor is not detected. You should have a cable that goes from the “Temp” jack on the back of the DanioVision to the “Temp” jack on the back of the Temperature Control Unit.

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Connecting an optogenetics laser to be controlled by EthoVision XT

EthoVision XT can be used to control a laser or LED for Optogenetics, triggering the light based on time or on the animal’s activity. For example, the laser may be turned on when the animal enters a given zone.

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What are the supported video formats for FaceReader 8?

The included table provides an overview of the supported video formats.

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Redo a trial in EthoVision XT

Use the Redo a trial option in EthoVision to retrack a trial from video if the detection settings or arena settings were incorrect.

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Basler camera is not detected by EthoVision

This issue involves a situation where you are attempting to use your Basler camera(s) in EthoVision and get a warning message that “Camera not found”.

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DanioScope shows unrealistic low values of heart rate, like 15 BPM. Why ?

This may have to do with a large heart area that contains low contrast pixels. Try to make the heart area smaller, focusing on the region that shows the heart movement, even if this region is smaller than the heart.

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EthoVision XT is unable to detect the Noldus I/O Box

This error indicates there was a problem connecting to the Noldus I/O box (large or mini version) with the EthoVision XT software.

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