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Improving Nose-Tail tracking in EthoVision XT

When settings are optimal, there should be few if any swaps of the nose and tail points. If you are seeing a lot of swap, the adjustments listed here should help.

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DanioScope shows unrealistic high values of heart rate, like 2x the actual heart rate. Why ?

Try to reduce the Heart area by focusing on the area of true movement.

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EthoVision XT crashes when viewing a GLP log

Add a registry key to prevent crashing.

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How can I play back and hear ultrasound outside UltraVox XT ?

Open the sound file in Audacity and adjust the pitch down to the audible range.

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Subject renaming in TrackLab

With version 2.12 it is possible to rename your subject in TrackLab. This article explains how to start with subject renaming

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How to rename your subjects in TrackLab

This article explains how to manually rename your subjects or import subject lists.

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Re-use of subject names in TrackLab

Short explanation of the option to re-use the same subject names in TrackLab

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UltraVox microphones are not recognized after restarting the computer

This typically occurs after the computer went to sleep. Upon restarting, UltraVox XT does not recognize the microphones.

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Can I get certain dependent measures (e.g., "distance moved") by zone in EthoVision XT?

It's possible to calculate any dependent variable in your Analysis Profile by zone(s). For example, you can get the “Distance Moved” within each quadrant zone in a Morris Water Maze study.

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Why is the sum/total of the cumulative time for all of my zones greater than the trial time?

Time in the zones may not add up to the trial duration if the subject was not tracked for the entire trial, if zones overlap or do not cover the entire arena, or if the zone exit threshold is used.

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