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My color Basler camera is monochrome in EthoVision XT

This issue involves a situation where the image from your Basler camera is color in the Pylon Viewer, but monochrome/black and white in EthoVision XT.

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How do IR cameras work?

Infrared cameras see infrared (IR) light, but otherwise operate just as normal, visible light cameras.

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DanioScope shows unrealistic low values of heart rate, like 15 BPM. Why ?

This may have to do with a large heart area that contains low contrast pixels. Try to make the heart area smaller, focusing on the region that shows the heart movement, even if this region is smaller than the heart.

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No Valid Hardware Key Detected After Installing Noldus Software

If you receive an error stating that there was “No Valid Hardware Key Detected”, please check the USB license key/dongle to ensure it is seated properly (unplug and reinsert). Close the Noldus program and try again.

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EthoVision will not install and the resulting Log file says Access Denied 0x80070005

This issue involves a situation where the installation of EthoVision XT on your PC fails and the resulting log file says “Error 0x80070005”

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Playback control buttons are grayed out in The Observer XT

This issue occurs when you’re in an observation and the playback control buttons are greyed out and won’t let you play, pause, etc. the video.

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UltraVox XT Error Message - Out of Memory

The problem occurs when your recording has lots of calls, for example more than 500, and the Overlap (%) value in the Spectrogram settings is high, for example 90%.

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Picking the right sample rate in EthoVision XT

The sample rate specifies how many data points EthoVision will collect per second in your experiment. You should pick a rate appropriate for your animal and your experimental methods.

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Camera is not detected in CatWalk XT 10.6

The camera may not be detected if the camera has no power, the camera is still establishing a connection to the PC, the camera is connected to the wrong port, or the configuration is not correct.

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Why are my trials ending at an exact time (e.g., 10 minutes) even though my Trial Control Settings are set for longer?

This issue involves a situation where your trials are stopping after a fixed time (e.g., 10 minutes) even though your Trial Control Settings are longer (e.g., 20 minutes).

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